used hammer drill

The Features and Benefits of a Hammer Drill

So you’re not a construction worker and you are not a big fan of the gym either. Like most ordinary people, you are probably a couch potato who would rather spend an entire day watching TV. What happens, then, when there is a sudden desire from your wife to hang a framed wedding photo on the wall, and much to your surprise, she wants you to do it for her. After all, you are the … [Read More...]




what are drill drivers for

What Are Drill Drivers Used For?

In the world of Harry Potter, the most distinguishing characteristic of wizards and witches is that when they’re old enough, they all get to use a wand. In the world of DIY, perhaps the nearest equivalent to a magic wand is the ubiquitous drill driver. It’s … [Read More...]

do you need an impact driver

Do You Need an Impact Driver?

In recent years, the talk of the woodshop and DIY community has been the increasing popularity of impact drill drivers. These impact drivers offer as much as five times the torque of comparable drills, which makes them ideal for tougher jobs. Yet despite the … [Read More...]

used impact driver for sale

How to Buy Used Impact Drivers for Sale

In general, if you need to use an impact driver all the time, then buying a used one really make sense. Even the best and most powerful impact drivers cost only a few hundred bucks, and often you’ll find considerable discounts online. The reliability of used … [Read More...]